This is what Paradiso offers

The Art Paradiso programme includes a range of activities whose main objective is to promote contemporary creation, boost the cultural fabric of Ibiza and offer an exclusive tourist experience with innovative proposals that will allow our guests to enjoy the island in a different way.

  • Art Rooms: Each hotel room will be dedicated to an artist and will be decorated with one of their works.
  • Zero Suite Residencies: Various artists will hold weekend micro residencies in one of our most unique spaces, the Zero Suite, thus sharing their creative process with guests and visitors.
  • Art Gallery: The hotel’s gallery will feature an innovative urban art programme and each season will feature exhibitions from renowned contemporary artists.
  • Art Library: The hotel has a free access library for our guests with a selection of more than 100 specialist contemporary art titles.
  • Take Overs: Some of our collaborating artists will host takeovers of our social networks to show, in first person, the unique experience of visiting Paradiso Hotel.
  • Arty Parties: Throughout the season we will organise theme parties in which art will be the leitmotiv of these get togethers, an excuse to meet up and celebrate summer and creativity.

Take a look to our artists.