Coyote’s Tattoo

Coyote's Tattoo

Paul started tattooing at Barcelona around 2009 like an apprentice in “Los Buenos Muchachos” studio where he had a master, mentor and big friend: Ramses Dozetos.

After a year, Paul ran his own tattoo studio in Barcelona called “Tattoogaragebcn”. Nowadays he left the studio in a collaborator hands to immerse himself in the new project “Coyote’s Tattoo” at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, where the guests can have a tattoo as a part of the experience of visiting the island.

Paul had his own influences in tattoo’s world since he was a kid, considering that he always get impressed of how the soldiers, sailors and ex-prisoners ink their body. Also, he was really lucky to collaborate with L.T.W. studio from Barcelona, to whom admire for being one of the best tattoo studios from the world.

Every person who are being inked by Paul are very relevant for him because they have trusted on him to mark their skin forever.

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