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Art meets DISCO!

Art comes to life in our most media-friendly hotel. An art gallery curated by ADDA GALLERY PARIS, exhibitions in the lobby, a tattoo studio, the colour pink and the type of Art Deco normally found on Ocean Drive in Miami are the essence of this hotel. The cherry on the cake is the Zero Suite where you can spend a night for free in the middle of the hotel’s lobby, a glass room where the absolute star of the show is you. It’s not for the faint of heart.



30m2 of colourful inspiration and a large balcony to share with your muse.

Suite 4 pax

Perfect for that trip with your mates that you always talk about but
never get round to doing.

Junior Suite

30m2 with a double bed or two single beds, as you please.

Junior Suite 3 pax

Threesomes are always the most fun, and the best triple that the
island has to offer is this 35m2 suite.

Grand Suite

The hotel’s jewel in the crown is this 50m2 suite with a terrace, kitchen, two independent bedrooms and a spacious lounge for your best buddies.


The island’s most 80s food corner offers everything from revitalising juices and smoothies to incredible burgers, a succulent selection of bowls and salads and mouth-watering desserts.


Zero Suite

A glass walled room in the middle of Paradise Art Hotel’s lobby where you can sleep one night for free. Not for the faint of heart. Also available for artsy performances, radio broadcasts, DJ sets…the possibilities are endless as long as you like being the centre of attention.


Coyote’s Tattoo

From his tattoo studio located in Paradiso Art Hotel, Paul, our private ink master, offers his expert skills with the needle for hotel guests and anyone else who fancies getting a new tat. Make your holiday unforgettable with a tattoo at Coyote’s. It’s the only tattoo studio inside a hotel on the island and is open throughout the season. We recommend that you make an appointment…


Day Pass

The Concept experience is designed for hotel guests and those who want to come by and enjoy our activities. Spending the whole day is the best way of knowing us but be warned: after a day with us you won’t want to set foot in your house again.