Unfrequent questions

I’ve fallen in love with the female receptionist, can I try to meet up with her and begin a beautiful relationship?

It’s not for us to stop this outburst of romance, we firmly believe in freedom of thought, even more so if they are our receptionists. We are aware that it can be easy to fall in love with them because they are friendly, intelligent, kind and sweet. That’s how they are and we love having them here with us.

I’ve fallen in love with the male receptionist? What can I do?

This can be solved in a similar way to the first question. The best thing to do is put a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea (don’t do this in Ibiza, we are trying to reduce the amount of rubbish in the sea here). If the sea answers in a positive way in less than 105 years, we believe you will love each other forever. If this doesn’t work, you can try leaving him a love letter.

I’ve fallen in love with both of them? What’s wrong with me doctor?

This is getting interesting; you should combine the two previous bits of advice together and wish for the best. However, make sure you leave a positive comment for each of the receptionists as well; we need a double ration of love.

Can I leave my spaceship in San Antonio?

Yes, of course! We have private parking close to the hotels, less than 100 metres away (in Earth metres). Please, make sure to switch of the turbine reactors when you are 15 kilometres away from the landing zone, we want to continue having a good relationship with our neighbours. They always say hello to us.

I love to listen to Bossa Nova while drinking my early morning coffee and watching the waves move gently move back and forth. Is this possible?

Of course! What kind of coffee? Mocha, Espresso, Americano? Original Bossa Nova from Brazil or Post Modern? What angle should the waves be at? We are ready for you.

I love music and partying and I wanted to ask if it is possible to stay in the hotel even though I won’t be sleeping there very often?

All guests are more than welcome! Obviously we care about your well-being, so we’ll always recommend that you rest. Remember to drink a lot of water and eat (e.g. fruit, pineapple is great). If you get to bed, we’ll remake it for you every day, it’s our job!

I love Reggaeton, I met my partner in a taxi while they were filling it up with gasoline and Daddy Yankee was passing by. Will I be happy in your hotel?

We’ll do our best to make your stay a pleasant one. Although we respect all musical tastes and we are very open-minded, we are not really into Reggaeton, but never say never.

I’ve been hitting the gym hard all winter: Spinning, HIT, Cross Training etc. as well as eating lettuce for breakfast. I’ve just seen your amazing Santos burger; it looks so good, what should I do?

Give in to temptation! Our Kobe burger, or its vegetarian version, is a pleasure that every mortal should try. We love everything healthy and we believe in balancing body and mind, but this is something you cannot miss! It’s an unforgettable experience that will make your taste buds go crazy. Just the thought of it will make your mouth water when you are back home after your holidays. That’s just the way it is. If it makes you feel better, it also has lettuce.