Zero Suite Project

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As a hotel, we are connected to art, but we don’t want to be just a simple place where art is shown. We want to take a step further and offer an artistic experience in which you are the protagonist.

We welcome you to the “Zero Suite Project”. It is a room situated in the hotel’s lobby, just a few metres from the main door, and whose walls are completely made of glass. It is a fully furnished room, with a bed, table, chairs and bathroom with shower (this part of the room is private).

You are invited to spend a night in this room, free of charge. With the following conditions:

  • You will have to sign a contract yielding your image rights, as you can be filmed or photographed in the room.
  • Your stay in the room is for one night only, with similar check in (form 5pm )/ check out times to other rooms.
  • A maximum of two people, can stay in the room. They cannot repeat their stay in the same year.
  • Enjoy the experience.

Smile, we are watching you 馃檪

How to book

Please use this form to book your stay at Zero Suite Project. We only need you name, your email and some info about you.

Looking forward to seeing you participating in the Zero Suite Project!